Video shows Navy jet’s encounter with a UFO, group says

A new purported military video of an unidentified aircraft has been made public, following the Pentagon’s acknowledgment last year that it had shelved an initiative devoted to identifying unknown objects in aerospace.
To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science — an organization leading on the issue that includes a former head of the now-defunct Pentagon program and was co-founded by former Blink182 musician Tom DeLonge — released the video titled “GO FAST” on Friday.
The group said it is Defense Department footage from an F/A-18 Super Hornet’s video of the “high-speed flight of an unidentified aircraft.”
The Pentagon declined to comment about the footage to CNN, and To The Stars Academy said multiple government organizations reviewed the video for release, and that anyone could obtain the video using a Freedom of Information Act request.

The publication of the purported military footage follows revelations last year from The New York Times and Politico about the past Pentagon effort on unidentified aerial phenomena and the publication of two videos showing Navy pilots’ encounters with unidentified objects.