Meet The Chinese Lumberjack Who Slept With An 10-foot-Tall, 6-Fingered Alien Woman

Meng Zhaoguo, a peasant from northeast China, is the first Chinese to have allegedly been abducted by aliens. His home is located on the Red Flag Logging Commune, set among what used to be a forest in China’s far northeast, an area historically known as Manchuria. North-easterners are generally described as big-hearted, hard-working, but sometimes a bit outrageous.

Ever since the incident, Meng had taken a lie detector test in Beijing and has been interviewed on a number of occasions.

He still lives in a two-room timber frame house he had built with his own hands. There’s no phone or cell reception in his house. The only extravagance is possibly a big-screen Sony television, courtesy of a Chinese businessman who was particularly interested in Meng’s story.

Out here, it only picks up two channels,” he said in an interview. “So it’s a waste of money, but I didn’t buy it. A businessman brought it, after he heard about my story.” He was also given a cow by a visitor from Malaysia. “I sold that,” Meng explained. “Cows cost money to take care of. What am I going to do with a cow out here?

I thought a helicopter had crashed, so I set out to scavenge for scrap. He had just reached the valley, spying the wreckage in the distance, when “Foom! Something hit me square in the forehead and knocked me out.”

When he regained consciousness, he didn’t remember how he got there. A few nights later he woke to find himself floating above his bed. A female alien slept beneath him. She was a 10-foot-tall, 6-fingered, with thighs coated in braided hair, which straddled his waist. Meng and the alien copulated for 40 minutes.

She then disappeared through the wall and I floated back down to bed. She left me with this.” He still has a two-inch-long jagged mark that resembled a scar resulting from a slipped stroke of a saw.

“‘In 60 years, on a distant planet, the son of a Chinese peasant will be born.’

Meng has become a well-known figure in China as his story had extensive media coverage.  He has appeared in national newspapers and on television. “Journalists look for discrepancies in my story,” he honestly admits. “I get tired of telling it. In the end, I’m just a peasant.”

A month after being first abducted, Meng was visited again by aliens. This time he woke up to find his body passing through the world map hanging over his bed. He levitated through the stratosphere and into a spaceship, where aliens circled him.

They said in Chinese, but with a heavy accent so it was hard for me to understand at first, that they were refugees. Like me, they wanted to escape their former lives, so they left their dying home.”

Meng wanted to see the female alien he had had an intercourse with – the one with braided hair on her inner thighs.

‘Impossible,’ they replied. But then they said something that made me hopeful. ‘In 60 years, on a distant planet, the son of a Chinese peasant will be born.’

Humans, if we have never seen something with our own eyes, naturally doubt that it exists, or that life could be that way. I was the first to be brave enough to say: ‘I saw that.’

Meng has since then landed a job with a metropolitan campus after a university official had heard his story and offered him a job. Many people say that with his story, he has paved his path to a better life including taking his wife and children from the last house on a logging commune lane to a metropolitan campus.

I am very happy to work here,” he said. “It’s quiet. I’m in charge of the boiler and watch the steam pipes.” It was a better job than felling trees, which were now protected. His coworkers at Red Flag Logging Commune had either left or stayed to farm soybeans.

When students say they recognize me from television,” he said, “I tell them that was someone else who looks like me.” Over the years, he had become tired of talking about the incident.

But his reputation had led him to this job.

A friend told me about it, and when I came for the interview, the boss had seen me on the news,” he said. “The college provides an apartment with heating, my wife and daughter are working on campus as well, and my son attends a good Harbin middle school. He’s studying English. Life is better for him here than in the forest.”

When he was asked to retell the story ten years later, only one detail had changed: “I asked the aliens if I would see my child,” he added. “They said yes. But they would not tell me where.”

Once, humans believed that the earth was flat,” he said. “Even a decade ago, people would not believe that a cell phone could work. Humans, if we have never seen something with our own eyes, naturally doubt that it exists, or that life could be that way. I was the first to be brave enough to say: ‘I saw that.’

But you know,” Meng said, “When you live up here, you see strange phenomena all the time.”

The interview is part of Michael Meyer’s book titled “In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China.”

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