China Recently Confirmed The Existence Of Aliens And UFOs In A Government Meeting

No matter how much we may want to believe reported UFO sightings, it’s extremely difficult when they are continually brought forward by unreliable sources. More often than not, these claims are accompanied by grainy photographs or videos that just don’t add up.

That’s exactly why people are so shocked that the Chinese government has come forward and made a bold claim about the definitive existence of aliens. What they have said will leave you stunned.

The Chinese government recently met to discuss the prospect of extraterrestrial life on Earth…

During the conference, Shi-Li Sun, PhD spoke at length about aliens and UFOs and delved into the history of the Chinese people.


See the official meeting of the Chinese government in the video below…

It’s really amazing that such a bold statement has been made, and so publicly! It makes you wonder where this research might take our society in the future.

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